Foxbat is owned and operated by Darren McClelland. Darren has been involved with software development, support and system administration in Unix/Linux environments for the past 14 years. He helped found SeattleServer.Com in 1999 and provided complete system administration services and developed custom software for clients until the sale of the company in 2005.

Zonar Systems

Beginning in 2002 Darren began designing and creating the backend engine for Zonar's Ground Traffic Controlâ„¢ product. This has now grown into Zonar's flagship product and is responsible for Zonar's growth into a multi million dollar company.

Foxbat Heavy Industries

In 2007 Darren founded Foxbat Heavy Industries to continue providing support and development services to Zonar. Now in 2010 Foxbat is pleased to offer the same high quality and innovative services to other parties.